Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I can't believe how long it has been that I have been on here a lot has happened. My aunt pulled through her open heart surgery she feels better but not what she did a prior to 2008. But she has been blessed with so much.

Phillip finally made up with his Dad's side of the Family we spent the christmas holiday with them the only bad thing about it was that when we left we didn't leave quick enough and ended up getting stuck in Texas for two days because of snow and I fell down a flight of stairs my wrist is still bothering me but it will get better.

Phillip finally proposed to me after 7 long years of course I said YES. Know I have started trying to figure out what to do I sort of wanted to get married in mid November but make it just a tad bit earlier in October.

I know I need to get my butt moving again and posting pics and so forth on here and get back to scraping I miss it. I am slowly losing my appeal to facebook and the other thing that might help is getting a laptop back. It helps having a computer that you can take around the house with you...