Saturday, May 30, 2009

Made it home today

We are back home today. Very tired we were missing our cats and our own bed so we cut our trip short and headed back home. We were in Phillips car which sits low to the ground which isn't the best to take out in the desert. We plan to go back next year when we get a Truck and go and see things that we didn't get to see this year. I

It was a great vacation though.

But it made me think about how much I miss my sis Christine. I could not share with her the things I seen or anything. I miss her so badly it is so not fair. I know I have my kids and phillip but it is not the same as having my sister back. So for me if you have a sis or a bro tell them how much they mean to you. My mother died several years ago so I don't have her to turn to either about anything. I just feel so lost at the moment but I will be okay life has to go on.....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Carlsbad New Mexico

Wow. We went and seen the Carlsbad Caverns today. If you have never been you need to go there. I will say that you also need to wear a pair of shoes that fit right. I am hoping that I can walk tomorrow. The caverns go into the ground 750ft. down. I have a bunch a pictures. SOme of them did not turn out that great those. When we left the caverns it started raining. It even had hail in it. We are headed to Rosewell, New Mexico know. We are going to spend the night and get up the next morning and do some more exploring. Plus Rosewell has a scrapbook store ever girls dream.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Leaving town Tuesday

Going on Vacation that is why I am leaving town. My kiddos are going to stay with my step-sister one night and than they will finish out the week with their Dad. They get out of school Friday and are not happy with me and Phillip since we are leaving them behind while we go on vacation by ourselves. I will miss my kids but it is always important to go and do things without them sometimes. Later in the summer we are playing to go somewhere with them but we just wanted to make this a trip for ourselves.

We are going to Hobbs, New Mexico and the surrounding areas. I have never been there before so hopefully it will be a nice trip. Not to thrilled with the idea that he is talking about us camping out without a tent. We are going to bring our laptop with us so hopefully I can get on here and check in once in a while and maybe share some pics with you gals. Anyway I best get off here and finish cleaning my house some and getting packed up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ckc Tulsa

I registered for CKC Tulsa. I am taking 5 or 6 classes on Saturday. I didn't sign up to take any classes on Friday because I am volunteering to be a teachers assistant. I have never done this before so I hope that it doesn't suck to much and that it will be fun. I know I have heard some people say when they have gotten to volunteer that they have gotten class kits for the classes that they volunteered for. So that would be nice if not I am still going to have fun. I plan on paying for the Saturday Crop out of my compensation and maybe pick up another class Saturday. Wish me luck.
I cannot believe that it has been over a week since I last updated this thing...

I know I haven't been online lately at my favorite scrappy spots just haven't felt much up to the task. I will get back ladies don't give up on me. I have scrapped zero, zilch nothing since the first of May. And I miss touching my scrappy goodiness. I have gotten to clean my scrap area some. I have also done some much needed work outside and inside.

We leave next Tuesday to go to New Mexico. Wish me Luck because Phillip is talking about catching rattlesnakes to bring back with us. WHY YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING? Because they have to be alive in a sack so they will taste fresh when we EAT them. I don't know if he is joking or not. I hope that he is joking. Because if he does catch some rattlesnakes I will be going back home on a bus i will not ride in the car with him. I have never eaten snake nor do I want to... YUCK.... This is my First time to go to New Mexico. I hope the area we are seeing is nice.

We have a new pet its a bird called a Cocketail. Funny thing about our new pet he was outside in our front yard walking around. We asked the neighbors around the block if they had lost a bird but no one had so we now have a bird. We named him MAX. He is whistling the cat call tune. And he is saying pretty bird. Working on him saying Max. Our cats Zoey and Lauren like their new housemate as well. Zoey is scared of Max and Lauren wants to eat him. I had to go and buy Max a cage and bird food spent over $30 dollars on him. The bad thing is that the cage I got is not big enough for him. So when we get back from vacation we will get Max a new cage.

I have been going to my Aunts house and helping her clean some. I shampooed her carpet finally. I am sort of a clutz. The last two times I have went to my Aunts house and broke something by accident well you can guess I broke something this time her shampooer but I didn't tell her I did. I didn't want her to get mad at me. It really is not a big deal really. I will just have to take some tools with me next time. The hose that sucks the water back up is broke. So I am going to have to take that apart and reattach it. But if she knew she would have thrown a fit. I parked on her grass today barely and she was b at me.

I also took some clothes down to a newly opened resale shop. I have been holding on to some of these clothes for years just hoping that I would get back to that size. I give up on ever getting back there. I am not trying to sound like I give up on losing weight entirely just a lot of weight. I will be happy getting down 20 or 30 but to fit into these clothes that i am trying to resale I haven't been able to wear them in 15 years. Oh well. Maybe i can make a buck or two so i can have some scrappy money.

Other than that I have been cleaning up around my house and not trying to do too much. Off to working is fun for me tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I subbed today 7-9 graders I cannot believe how kids are now today. I generally don't ever sub older kids because of the problems that they can be. I know half the time they don't even respect the real teacher in the classroom. The disrespect that kids have now a days is terrible. Where does it come from if I ever find out that my kids behave this way for a sub or any adult for that matter I would be ashamed to say the least and my kids would be grounded.

I took a cell phone away from one kid today and they were like my mom is going to be so mad at you. See if they have their phones out it goes to the office and the parent has to come and pick it up. I had warned her several times and told her if she needed to use the phone she needed to take it to the bathroom. But she didn't and after the 5th out I told her to bring it to me. I hate being mean to the kids but the way they act now in school you can't show them any kindness the meaner and uglier you are to them the better off you are so sad.

I have to go back and sub the same kids tomorrow I dread it. But after Tomorrow I go back to my regular job for the week. I probably won't sub anymore after tomorrow for this school year. I have two days next week I can sub Tuesday and Wednesday. Then the following week we are on vacation.

Other than that Phillip made me a nice grilled steak dinner, mashed potatoes and brown gravy... Yummy. I wish I could go scrap but my area is so messy that I need to get it in order before I try to scrap anything.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I spent my day at the casino. Didn't win anything those so that sort of sucked. Phillip is getting dressed than we are going to go see his mother. I get my kiddos back at 6 tonight. I don't really put much hype in mother's day anymore because my mom has been dead now for 11 years and my kids are too young to do much for me at the moment. Plus when they get older I don' t really think I want them to do much of celebrating the holiday. If they do I don't want them spending money I would rather have something handmade or help with something. I like winning stuff but I don't like being surprised with stuff in front of a whole lot of people.

Anyway I hope that everyone has a great Mother's day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I scrapped this weekend for NSD. But guess what I didn't upload any of it. I got 8 challenges done for SAS and 2 or three for Wescrap. But I got mad at Phillip because of different stuff and ended up getting off of the computer and not uploading and finishing the last ones I needed to for SAS. I got off of the computer and told him I wouldn't be scrapping unless the kids were not at home or asleep. He told me he didn't care I was scrapping but I just didn't like the way he was acting.

So I have been feeling down because of this. But I did it to myself. He didn't say I couldn't scrap but because of scrapping I have been neglecting some little things around the house. I can be really stubborn at times. So if you don't see me much online for a while that is what is going on.

Anyway today I went to my Aunt's house and cleaned it for her since she cannot because of her heart condition. I told her I would go back over there on Sunday and shampoo her carpets and doing some more cleaning.

Going to get off of her now so I can clean my house and do some work outside. I have to go back to my regular job tomorrow. I hope that it is an easy week.