Monday, August 30, 2010

Here is a couple of layouts I did in Tulsa at CKC

These layouts were done for 101 for the Boys a Piggy Tales class. I loved the instructor for this class but was a little disappointed in the product that we used. Instead of using the patterned paper side we used the solid color instead. Another thing I was disappointed in was there chipboard not wanting to stick. I even used a different liquid adhesive on it to help it stick and that didn't work. So know I have used Zip Dry and hopefully the chipboard elements will stay down on my page. Hoping to get a few more of my classes layouts posted later in the week. Thanks for looking..

Online Crops coming soon

WeScrap online crop. I have done several crops at WeScrap and they are always fun. So if you get a chance come check them out.

Friday, August 20, 2010

CKC TULSA...Awesome

So far everything is going great. I won a Door Prize thru CKC $15 for Tattered Angels... I also won 2 more door prizes 1 was for a ckc mag which lucky I didn't have another was for some mat board. I will post later about my classes fixing to go grab something to eat before the Friday night crop.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tulsa a few more days.

I got my scrap bags packed and ready to go. I think I have remembered everything that I will need. I have packed extra adhesive, inks, wipes, pens, trimmer, corner punch, distresser, and hole puncher. Plus a lot of other stuff. I just remember I didn't get my crop a dile have to pack that.

Now I just need to get my clothes all packed. Get some more tolietry stuff from walmart. Plus get headache medicine and a few other things along that line in case I get sick from something. I hope not I want to have fun this weekend. I am so excited about getting to go this weekend to Tulsa CKC. I hope that it is fun and everything falls in place and nothing turns sour.

Because after this it is back to Subbing on Mon-Wed (if I can't get OT at my regular job) than working my regular Job Thursday-Saturday. I still need to finish paying off a few more bills before the year is out and start putting some money aside for a vacation next year with the kids.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I got 4 layouts done for the SAS Crop but I haven't uploaded them yet being lazy. So nice being on vacation and away from work. Today I spent cleaning and I got to scrap a little. Me and Tracie (DD) watched the Producers on Netflix it was very funny. Hard to believe school starts in just 2 days.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 days til Vacation

Than Friday morning I leave out for Tulsa CKC I am excited. But I wish if I had known before I had planned this that I might have been able to go to LP retreat because it is the same weekend. At least I could have met a few of the girls from the board. I think with the economy and maybe the time of the year a lot of the girls were not able to make it like they have in years past. ;[....

I hope that maybe next year can be the year that I can do something like that which is go on a retreat to meet the LP girls.

I am still happy that I am getting to go to CKC in Tulsa. I have worked my behind off the last two months at work to save some money for this trip, plus school clothes and other things for the kids. I say it know but getting there might be different. I don't plan on spending a lot of money in the vendor faire. I do want to get a couple of tshirts. I am going to the Friday night crop which I have been to the Saturday night crop and it is a little tamer. I hope that Phillip doesn't get bored and it will be fun to have him with me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kicking my butt

Well acid reflux is at the moment I feel like I have something right in my throat wanting to crawl out no other way than that to describe. I think it got so bad because Sunday and Monday I was stressing majorly bad. Sunday a fellow co-worker was doing her normal. well the supervisor kept looking for her. Well I am her mechanic so naturally he is going to come up to me and say and ask where she is. Well the third time he went looking she was in her section but he didn't see her well anyway she comes down to my section and jumps my butt and wants to know why I am tattling on her. Well I didn't tattle on her he just had it out for her that day. Which is how weird this guy is I told her back heck if I was telling on you I think I would have done it already. Well she is that person in your place of work that you dont want mad at you. She is the one that will slash your tires, kill your dog, ( well she might not go that far) but she is a scary individual. I know grow some balls. Which by the way brings me to Monday when I should have had my balls on that day.

Monday ;[... Well I am the only women at my plant that is a mechanic. Back 20 years ago when I hired in they had some in a couple of other departments but never in mine but needless to say the ones that used to be mechanics have all retired. So I am the lone female mechanic in a sea of mostly male pigs (sorry if that is harsh) but our plant shut down for 12 hours of cleaning which I didn't care if I was cleaning because I was on overtime because Monday is not my normal day to work. Well since we were down they had this gentlemen come in to do some warrenty work on a conveyor system we have and seeing how it was in my section that I was working I thought yes I am going to get to work with him and see how this should work and get some pointers from him. But guess what I say to the supervisor on the shift you want me working with him. He replys NO WE NEED YOU CLEANING MORE.. WTF.. So I go okay. Instead they put the Preventive Maintance Jerk with him that doesn't know crap about anything because he is one of those individuals that has worked there for 20+ years that has gotten away with doing mostly nothing. Heck he was caught sleeping last week and nothing was done to him. Anyway so I go around feeling pretty pissy and upset because I don't get to do my job and get to fix things and work on things but instead I am cleaning while the other male mechanics were getting to go around and fix things.

Well 2:30 gets there and of course the PM guy is going home so guess who the higher ups come to yes me. Know I am good enough to be a mechanic and that is what I told them to I didn't care if I got into trouble or not. I got so mad several times that I about started to cry and just go home but I need the extra dough too much. So I try to be positive and go work with the gentlemen that came into work on it. And he is like thanking me because what we did in an hour and half took him and PM Jerk 6hrs to do because PM Jerk would up and leave him. and so forth.

Than I did work today which my acid reflux is still getting to me and I don't feel like eating because of it who want to shove more food down your throat when it already feels like there is some. But my co-worker that accused me Sunday is there today on OT just like me and she makes a point to come up to me. Yes she is being kinda of friendly but she is being catty. I can tell she just wants to rear back and knock the crap out of me. Nice huh... I Hate My Job.

I have one thing I am looking forward to those I work Thursday-Sat.. Plus one more day of OT on Sunday and than I am on Vacation. So thankful. It might not be much but I am going to CKC Tulsa
I am going up Friday early morning and staying until Sunday. This will be my third year to attend Tulsa so happy... Well Phillip is going to come up after he gets off of work on Friday and spend the weekend in Tulsa with me. I can't wait for this...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Come Join Scrap Attack Scrapbooking August 13-15

Scrap Attack Scrapbooking is having their 5th Bday crop. Come check them out for some really cool challenges and games that will be going on. If you are not already a member, come join in on the fun. This is a really great group of ladies that love showing there talent for scrapbooking. As well as caring for each other. Plus Lauri has an awesome selection of scrap goodies in her store at unbeatable prices.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Went in today to have my thyroid scan. On the ultrasound they detected several nodules. Which can be something or might not be anything at all. Now to wait to hear back from my doc for the results which can take three days. Then to see where we go next.

On a happier note I have been scrapping again. I have done three pages since Sunday. The page that I did today was for the B challenge over at My Sketch World. I still need to do A which is adorn a card. It feels really great to be scrapping again. Plus I have been avoiding Facebook Games because I rather be scrapping my pics than wasting time.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

All Month Crop

Head on over to My Sketch World so you can partipate in there month long crop.
They already have the first challenge posted and more to follow. The first game starts on the 4 of August.

I am hoping that with this and some other things that are happening for me this month helps spur me back into Scrapping and being my normal self.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Since I finally got me a new laptop that is all mine. Plus we are now on high speed internet connection so I don't have to worry about fighting to get online anymore maybe keeping up with my blog will be a lot more easier. Plus I can download all of my pics from my camera a lot more easier. I have a few to share from over the months... I have some of my new baby Diamond Dog. She is a Mini Australian Shepard Phillip got her for me for Christmas she is so beautiful. Plus she will also give me something else to be able to scrap about. She has grown alot over the past 5 months.

I hope to get these pics printed out this next week so I can get to scrapping them.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I can't believe how long it has been that I have been on here a lot has happened. My aunt pulled through her open heart surgery she feels better but not what she did a prior to 2008. But she has been blessed with so much.

Phillip finally made up with his Dad's side of the Family we spent the christmas holiday with them the only bad thing about it was that when we left we didn't leave quick enough and ended up getting stuck in Texas for two days because of snow and I fell down a flight of stairs my wrist is still bothering me but it will get better.

Phillip finally proposed to me after 7 long years of course I said YES. Know I have started trying to figure out what to do I sort of wanted to get married in mid November but make it just a tad bit earlier in October.

I know I need to get my butt moving again and posting pics and so forth on here and get back to scraping I miss it. I am slowly losing my appeal to facebook and the other thing that might help is getting a laptop back. It helps having a computer that you can take around the house with you...