Monday, April 20, 2009

I colored my Aunts hair today. That was something that Christine would do for her. I have never done it before so I was a little scared that I would not do it right for her. She also brought me a box over that is supposed to go to my Father. It was from his Sister or My Aunt that lives in Illinios. He does not have contact with her. She sent the package to Christine house. Well it has been a while since I had talked to her because she said some Nasty things about different stuff. So I just cut my contact with her. Because no one deserves to be treated dirty for not doing anything.

Well she did not now that Christine had died. I feel bad in a way that she didn't know that it had happened but than again it was not really my fault. I tried to email her with the last known email addy I had. But it came back failed. So I went and googled her addy to look up her phone number and found it. So I called to let her know that Christine was no longer with us. She said why didn't anyone call me. And I said what was the truth. That I didn't think about anyone all I was doing was walking around in a cloud of disblief. So it felt nice to talk to her. I don't know but I thought about sending her a letter explaining why I was not having contact with her. That way I can get it off my chest.

Anyway other than that I have been relaxing most of my day.

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