Tuesday, August 25, 2009

its been too long

Since I last posted on this thing. Guess that is because I have found a new obsession FaceBook. I wish I had Known how addictive that place can be. I am playing Mafia Wars, Sorority Life, Pirates, Farmville, Farmtown, Pet Society, and YoVille.

I should be doing more scrapping since my kits are piling up again as well as pics. I miss scrapping and visiting my message boards.

Kids started back to school last week and our enjoying school so far. Tracie has already had two class projects due. A test on Friday. A leaf project to be due in Biology at the end of the month. Alton is going to be in band this year playing the trumpet.

I start my first day of subbing for the school year tomorrow. I will be teaching 8th grade Algebra. Hopefully the kids won't be to terrible. then off to work my real job on Thursday.

My Aunt is doing fine at the moment but she is scheduled to have open heart surgery on Sept. 8 Pray for her and me that everything goes great.

Talk to you guys again soon.

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  1. Facebook can be addictive for sure! I'll be praying for your aunt!