Sunday, February 1, 2009

I have been trying to clean my scraproom again. It almost feels like a lost cause but I will eventually get it done. I have a new reason though to get it clean. The Life Preserver Scrapbook board is going to have some type of challenge or something so that should really get me to scrappen.

I went to Michaels today I wanted to get some more organization things with a 50% coupon I had but I didn't because they had organization on sale for 30% so you cannot use a coupon on sale items.

Alton's Bday is coming up he is turning 11. So we are going to have Cake and Ice Cream with a few family members. After they leave Phillip will make hot wings Alton's favorite food.

I guess I will get off here and go back to cleaning...


  1. Yep, it is I need to post this link on LP I just started it so I am still trying to work on the blog.

  2. I knew it was you :) I am glad you are going to do the scrap cruise. I hope that I can keep up! I love the birds on your blog!! Too cute