Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scrap Attack Scrapbooking Fun Month 2-15 -- 3-15

I was looking for online crops because they have really given me the push to do some scrappen. I have wanted to do some other challenges but this past week was a rush and I didn't get to it. Well I guess another truth would be as well I procrastinated.

Anyway I stumbled on to they are having a Fun Month type of crop with all kinds of challenges and games. If you say that I sent you and register I get a ticket. My Registered name their is M1ch3113lee. This looks like a lot of fun. No drama at this site which I love about a site and it doesn't look to busy with lots of post that will take me a long time to go through with my busy schedule. They have lots of fun challenges throughout the month without the Fun Month Challenge going on. I hope that you can find your way over there and have some fun.


  1. Thanks for posting Michelle! So happy you found us and can join us for fun month!

  2. Hey Michelle, you are truly correct - no drama and lots of ongoing challenges that change up every two weeks. It's one of my favorite spots to crop. I love your background paper here on your blog. That is so fun!!!

  3. Don't forget to say hi at the Serendity Reunion Scrap!