Friday, February 6, 2009

Well my Aunt went into day to get her finger fixed again today. She broke her pinky finger 12-23 in four different places well they were supposed to have fixed it before now but she had some complications arise. She has been having breathless spells off and on for about a year they have slowly progressed to where she cannot even walk three steps without being out of breath. Well right before they were going to do surgery they had here do some pre-op test and found out that her heart has a leaky valve. What is sad about it was that about mid november she had a stress test and it showed nothing wrong with her. It was when she was given an echo gram of her heart that it was found. Plus she has had numerous EKG but it showed up this time as well. So she has waited over 6 weeks to have surgery because her blood pressure all of a sudden went uncontrollable. She went to have surgery on it about two weeks ago but her blood pressure wouldn't go down so they couldn't do the surgery. Well today they were able to fix her finger. Luckliy they didnt have too cut her finger and put a rod in it. The doctor was able to pull it back into joint or place. At least this way it won't be as hard for her to get over and there is not a chance of infection. Know that she has this fixed the heart doctor will be able to do something. So hopefully she will start feeling better sooner.

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