Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Lots

I went to Big Lots yesterday because one of the boards that I am on said, they had Thickers. So I go to my Big Lots and score 14 packs of Thickers for only $2.00 a piece. They had several different styles of Thickers to choose from. I would have bought more but Phillip was with me so I was being good. I plan to go back in a week to get some more hopefully the selection is still good.

Me and Phillip went to the mall and walked around while we were their we stopped and got Cherry Coke Iccees and Pretzels. Phillip got the plain with cheese dip and mine was a cinnamon sugar pretzel.

The kids are still with the ex but this is the first time he has taken them for his summer visitation.
I am missing them but this is the first time that me and Phillip have gotten to spend quality time with each other. There is no Mom he/she did this or that aren't you going to punish them. The house is really quite. The kids dislike being with their Dad. Which is really strange because he doesn't get onto them or make them eat things they wouldn't normally eat.

I got to scrap last night and have been working on another page this morning. I have been procrastinating a bunch. I still need to get my New Meixco pics and someones I took before that developed. But I have been dreading going because it can be so time consuming. Maybe I will finally break down and go Saturday on the 4th. I would also like to move my scrap room around but have been putting it off because of all the stuff I would have to move. It is cleaner in there and I can sit at my desk without having to move anything.

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