Thursday, June 4, 2009

I got a Rak in the mail today.

I got a Rak in the mail today from Lauri at ScrapAttack Scrapbooking. I remember putting in for the papers that I wanted the Rak but just didn't realize that I had won until today. Thanks Lauri they are terrific. It is great getting something that you don't even know you are getting. It was a pleasant surprise.

Well I need to start losing weight since Christine death I have put on about 15 more pounds. I had the nurse check my blood pressure today it was 140/88 she said that wasn't too bad but it was back in Sept of last year 105/70. My blood pressure has always been low but the last several months it has been going up. I have been at time finding it difficult breathe when I start doing things. So today when I got home from work I rode my exercise bike. It is funny how you know you are putting on weight but lose the drive to go anywhere or doing anything about it.

We moved the excercise bike into the living room tonight so I could start riding it while watching T.V. I rode it tonight for about 20 minutes I thought I better start off slowly. And work my way up to longer time of riding.


  1. You're welcome Michelle, enjoy your new goodies! :)

  2. Congrats on winning, that is awesome!! Take care of yourself and good luck on the weight loss, I'm right there with ya! lol

  3. Hang in there Michelle and do take it slow. Go for little ten minute walks too - those are good for you and do just as much for as a 30 minute walk, I'm told. I'm sorry for the loss of Christine - I wasn't aware of that. Enjoy the rak from Lauri - she gives out some good ones!