Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kicking my butt

Well acid reflux is at the moment I feel like I have something right in my throat wanting to crawl out no other way than that to describe. I think it got so bad because Sunday and Monday I was stressing majorly bad. Sunday a fellow co-worker was doing her normal. well the supervisor kept looking for her. Well I am her mechanic so naturally he is going to come up to me and say and ask where she is. Well the third time he went looking she was in her section but he didn't see her well anyway she comes down to my section and jumps my butt and wants to know why I am tattling on her. Well I didn't tattle on her he just had it out for her that day. Which is how weird this guy is I told her back heck if I was telling on you I think I would have done it already. Well she is that person in your place of work that you dont want mad at you. She is the one that will slash your tires, kill your dog, ( well she might not go that far) but she is a scary individual. I know grow some balls. Which by the way brings me to Monday when I should have had my balls on that day.

Monday ;[... Well I am the only women at my plant that is a mechanic. Back 20 years ago when I hired in they had some in a couple of other departments but never in mine but needless to say the ones that used to be mechanics have all retired. So I am the lone female mechanic in a sea of mostly male pigs (sorry if that is harsh) but our plant shut down for 12 hours of cleaning which I didn't care if I was cleaning because I was on overtime because Monday is not my normal day to work. Well since we were down they had this gentlemen come in to do some warrenty work on a conveyor system we have and seeing how it was in my section that I was working I thought yes I am going to get to work with him and see how this should work and get some pointers from him. But guess what I say to the supervisor on the shift you want me working with him. He replys NO WE NEED YOU CLEANING MORE.. WTF.. So I go okay. Instead they put the Preventive Maintance Jerk with him that doesn't know crap about anything because he is one of those individuals that has worked there for 20+ years that has gotten away with doing mostly nothing. Heck he was caught sleeping last week and nothing was done to him. Anyway so I go around feeling pretty pissy and upset because I don't get to do my job and get to fix things and work on things but instead I am cleaning while the other male mechanics were getting to go around and fix things.

Well 2:30 gets there and of course the PM guy is going home so guess who the higher ups come to yes me. Know I am good enough to be a mechanic and that is what I told them to I didn't care if I got into trouble or not. I got so mad several times that I about started to cry and just go home but I need the extra dough too much. So I try to be positive and go work with the gentlemen that came into work on it. And he is like thanking me because what we did in an hour and half took him and PM Jerk 6hrs to do because PM Jerk would up and leave him. and so forth.

Than I did work today which my acid reflux is still getting to me and I don't feel like eating because of it who want to shove more food down your throat when it already feels like there is some. But my co-worker that accused me Sunday is there today on OT just like me and she makes a point to come up to me. Yes she is being kinda of friendly but she is being catty. I can tell she just wants to rear back and knock the crap out of me. Nice huh... I Hate My Job.

I have one thing I am looking forward to those I work Thursday-Sat.. Plus one more day of OT on Sunday and than I am on Vacation. So thankful. It might not be much but I am going to CKC Tulsa
I am going up Friday early morning and staying until Sunday. This will be my third year to attend Tulsa so happy... Well Phillip is going to come up after he gets off of work on Friday and spend the weekend in Tulsa with me. I can't wait for this...


  1. Hey there girlie!

    You know what? I can totally relate to a person at work that is just a huge thorn. So much so I even had a very horrible dream that this person came into work after they got fired and shot me in the stomach... :(

    I sure hope that it gets better for you at work, stand your ground girl!!!

  2. Thanks so much Elizabeth.. Sorry to hear that you are having the same trouble as me. Today she was talking to me but in a catty way.

    I hate having dreams like that because sometimes they seem so real.