Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 days til Vacation

Than Friday morning I leave out for Tulsa CKC I am excited. But I wish if I had known before I had planned this that I might have been able to go to LP retreat because it is the same weekend. At least I could have met a few of the girls from the board. I think with the economy and maybe the time of the year a lot of the girls were not able to make it like they have in years past. ;[....

I hope that maybe next year can be the year that I can do something like that which is go on a retreat to meet the LP girls.

I am still happy that I am getting to go to CKC in Tulsa. I have worked my behind off the last two months at work to save some money for this trip, plus school clothes and other things for the kids. I say it know but getting there might be different. I don't plan on spending a lot of money in the vendor faire. I do want to get a couple of tshirts. I am going to the Friday night crop which I have been to the Saturday night crop and it is a little tamer. I hope that Phillip doesn't get bored and it will be fun to have him with me.

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