Saturday, March 14, 2009

I lost my sis a week ago and it just doesn't seem real still. I want to pick up the phone and talk to her so badly. I got a phone call shortly after getting to work on March 6 that she was gone. At first I was thinking okay where did she go then they said that she had died in the middle of the night in bed. My aunt didn't want to do an autopsy so it is really only speculation as to what happened. The cornory thought that she might of had a brain anyerism or a stroke. We had told him about her herina bothering her and she had a knot come up from her son hitting her a couple of weeks ago. She had told me she was having difficutly having BM. She also had told me over a few months ago about waking up and having her tongue sore because she had chewed it and her whole body was sore and that she could taste vomit in her mouth. I told her it sounded like a seizure but she wouldn't go to the doctor. She said she was making an appointment to go back to see the herina doctor but I guess it will be one of those things that we will never now. I now she is in a better place now because she did suffer from aches and pains associated with the hernia. Plus her two youngest kids can no longer abuse her.

Other than this happening just trying to learn how to cope with my loss. My aunt is doing okay she can hardly believe this happened just earlier in the week she was taken christine around the cemetary and showing her what stone she wanted for her tombstone and christine was like Becky would you stop it. Aunt Becky is upset because she was figuring she would go first not christine going first at the age of 40.

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