Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I took my aunt out today to eat and let her be with me while I was doing some other errands. I got my eyes checked today. I didn't realize that I had not been to the eye doctor in 3 years. Time does really fly. I made that comment to the eye doc and he was like you know I got this explained to me once. When you are 10 years old a year is like 10% of your life but when you are 52 a year is more like 2% of your life.

Christine was always running our Aunt around everywhere or going out with her because the last few years I have been substitute teaching on my days off which our Mon-Wed. I go back to work tomorrow to my regular job but at least I am only having to work 3days this week. But my Aunt was talking a lot about christine today. It felt for me being the one that was having to do her running but I didn't mind doing it. It was really nice being out with her.

Next week is our spring break I think the only thing I will be doing with the kids is take the to chuck e cheese. Hopefully the weather is nice too so we can go to the work and be able to work outside in the garden. It would be really nice to plant a few flowers next week.

I also checked out a website my friend Danielle told me about. The information it held was very helpful to me since the recent loss of my sister. Staci Compher is a very inspiring women and how she has dealt with life since the tragic loss of her husband Ed. Go check out this site and read her story.

Have a great blessed day everyone.


  1. I am glad that you went to the site. It sounds like you had a good day considering the circumstances. I just love your heart! Making sure that everyone is taken care of. I will be praying for great weather next week. This is our Spring Break, and it has been gorgeous so far. I think it is supposed to get cooler tomorrow. I will be checking back to see how you are. I think you have it, but my email is If you need anything email me, and I will give you my phone number!
    Much Love & Many Blessings Danielle

  2. Take time to heal...what your going through is very difficult, god bless you!

  3. I'm glad you posted the address, it was a great interview to read. I'm sending you peaceful thoughts, and I hope you have a little sunshine today.

  4. Michelle, just popping to so tell you I'm thinking about you. Sending lots of hugs your way!