Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Aunt gave me a scare last night. I kept calling and calling and she would not answer so I finally went over to her house about 9 pm to check on her to make sure she was okay. I pulled up just as she got home and she was like what are you doing here. I said checking to make sure you were okay. So I told her she needed to call me more so I could make sure she was doing okay. But that is not going that great because I told her to call me this morning but guess what I am the one that ended up calling her to make sure she was okay.

Last night was scared going over because I was afraid something might have happened to her. My Aunt Becky has been having problems since September with breathing. She had her heart checked and a stress test both come back perfect and a lung scan all came back great. Bump up to December 23 my Aunt Becky fell on her porch Christine went and got my Aunt and I met them up at the ER. We waited for 6 hours up there my Aunt in pain her Pinky finger was sticking off to the side. Well she was supposed to have surgery the first week in January to relocate her finger. Well she went in for the pre-op stuff and they found out that she had something wrong with her heart. She had leaky valves in her heart. Well since than right before christine died she spent a week in the hospital they ran some more test and found that she had a hole in her heart and her heart is in afib (sp). So she s now taking blood thinners to help thin out her blood so they can shock her heart back into rhythm. This past Friday she goes to have her blood check to make sure that it is staying thin enough when she finds out that they found something in the scan of her lungs. She doesn't have another scan until April 13 of her lungs. She has been really depressed saying with the quality of life she has at the moment is not worth living. I am trying to keep her spirts up but it is hard because she is like with as much as I got wrong with me I should have died before Christine.

My Aunt Becky gave me a photo album of old childhood photos of my family last night so I could copy off pictures. I bought a new photo album today so I can transfer the photos in there instead of the one that it is in now. The old album is one of those magnitic type you lay the pictures down across the page and a single sheet covers up the pics. I bought the album that has the individual sleeves and is acid free. I copied off about 30 pics today. As I copy off the photos in the old albums I will transfer the orgianals to the new album that I bought.

I have scrapped one layout since Christine died and it was for the Life Preserver Cruise. This is the last week of the cruise. This weekend they are having there Spring Fling Crop. I hope to do a few layouts for the crop. If you have never been to the Lp go check them out there is lots of wonderful ladies at the message board.

I also have to get busy the next couple of days on WeScrap and complete some of the March challenges. I signed up for another year on there message board. They have lots of fun challenges you can participate in but if you are not a member you cannot qualify for the prizes. They are having a Spring Crop on April 3, 4, and 5. WeScrap has an awesome group of ladies as well that make you feel at home on the board.

I got my Raks mailed off yesterday for ScrapAttack Scrapbooking. I hope to in the next week or so start doing the challenges over there. They have lots going on at their board very fun place and wonderful women. You can earn bottlecaps for doing challenges. They also have a store that is wonderfully stocked in my opinion and Lauri (the Owner) is getting great things in. The kit for this month has these adorable crochet owls she got off of Etsy.

I guess I better go and cook something for lunch.

Hugs to everyone..

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