Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I cannot believe that it has been over a week since I last updated this thing...

I know I haven't been online lately at my favorite scrappy spots just haven't felt much up to the task. I will get back ladies don't give up on me. I have scrapped zero, zilch nothing since the first of May. And I miss touching my scrappy goodiness. I have gotten to clean my scrap area some. I have also done some much needed work outside and inside.

We leave next Tuesday to go to New Mexico. Wish me Luck because Phillip is talking about catching rattlesnakes to bring back with us. WHY YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING? Because they have to be alive in a sack so they will taste fresh when we EAT them. I don't know if he is joking or not. I hope that he is joking. Because if he does catch some rattlesnakes I will be going back home on a bus i will not ride in the car with him. I have never eaten snake nor do I want to... YUCK.... This is my First time to go to New Mexico. I hope the area we are seeing is nice.

We have a new pet its a bird called a Cocketail. Funny thing about our new pet he was outside in our front yard walking around. We asked the neighbors around the block if they had lost a bird but no one had so we now have a bird. We named him MAX. He is whistling the cat call tune. And he is saying pretty bird. Working on him saying Max. Our cats Zoey and Lauren like their new housemate as well. Zoey is scared of Max and Lauren wants to eat him. I had to go and buy Max a cage and bird food spent over $30 dollars on him. The bad thing is that the cage I got is not big enough for him. So when we get back from vacation we will get Max a new cage.

I have been going to my Aunts house and helping her clean some. I shampooed her carpet finally. I am sort of a clutz. The last two times I have went to my Aunts house and broke something by accident well you can guess I broke something this time her shampooer but I didn't tell her I did. I didn't want her to get mad at me. It really is not a big deal really. I will just have to take some tools with me next time. The hose that sucks the water back up is broke. So I am going to have to take that apart and reattach it. But if she knew she would have thrown a fit. I parked on her grass today barely and she was b at me.

I also took some clothes down to a newly opened resale shop. I have been holding on to some of these clothes for years just hoping that I would get back to that size. I give up on ever getting back there. I am not trying to sound like I give up on losing weight entirely just a lot of weight. I will be happy getting down 20 or 30 but to fit into these clothes that i am trying to resale I haven't been able to wear them in 15 years. Oh well. Maybe i can make a buck or two so i can have some scrappy money.

Other than that I have been cleaning up around my house and not trying to do too much. Off to working is fun for me tomorrow.

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