Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I scrapped this weekend for NSD. But guess what I didn't upload any of it. I got 8 challenges done for SAS and 2 or three for Wescrap. But I got mad at Phillip because of different stuff and ended up getting off of the computer and not uploading and finishing the last ones I needed to for SAS. I got off of the computer and told him I wouldn't be scrapping unless the kids were not at home or asleep. He told me he didn't care I was scrapping but I just didn't like the way he was acting.

So I have been feeling down because of this. But I did it to myself. He didn't say I couldn't scrap but because of scrapping I have been neglecting some little things around the house. I can be really stubborn at times. So if you don't see me much online for a while that is what is going on.

Anyway today I went to my Aunt's house and cleaned it for her since she cannot because of her heart condition. I told her I would go back over there on Sunday and shampoo her carpets and doing some more cleaning.

Going to get off of her now so I can clean my house and do some work outside. I have to go back to my regular job tomorrow. I hope that it is an easy week.

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  1. Ah, I'm sorry you're having a crummy day! :( Hope things get's almost the weekend, isn't it? :)