Monday, May 25, 2009

Leaving town Tuesday

Going on Vacation that is why I am leaving town. My kiddos are going to stay with my step-sister one night and than they will finish out the week with their Dad. They get out of school Friday and are not happy with me and Phillip since we are leaving them behind while we go on vacation by ourselves. I will miss my kids but it is always important to go and do things without them sometimes. Later in the summer we are playing to go somewhere with them but we just wanted to make this a trip for ourselves.

We are going to Hobbs, New Mexico and the surrounding areas. I have never been there before so hopefully it will be a nice trip. Not to thrilled with the idea that he is talking about us camping out without a tent. We are going to bring our laptop with us so hopefully I can get on here and check in once in a while and maybe share some pics with you gals. Anyway I best get off here and finish cleaning my house some and getting packed up.

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