Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I subbed today 7-9 graders I cannot believe how kids are now today. I generally don't ever sub older kids because of the problems that they can be. I know half the time they don't even respect the real teacher in the classroom. The disrespect that kids have now a days is terrible. Where does it come from if I ever find out that my kids behave this way for a sub or any adult for that matter I would be ashamed to say the least and my kids would be grounded.

I took a cell phone away from one kid today and they were like my mom is going to be so mad at you. See if they have their phones out it goes to the office and the parent has to come and pick it up. I had warned her several times and told her if she needed to use the phone she needed to take it to the bathroom. But she didn't and after the 5th out I told her to bring it to me. I hate being mean to the kids but the way they act now in school you can't show them any kindness the meaner and uglier you are to them the better off you are so sad.

I have to go back and sub the same kids tomorrow I dread it. But after Tomorrow I go back to my regular job for the week. I probably won't sub anymore after tomorrow for this school year. I have two days next week I can sub Tuesday and Wednesday. Then the following week we are on vacation.

Other than that Phillip made me a nice grilled steak dinner, mashed potatoes and brown gravy... Yummy. I wish I could go scrap but my area is so messy that I need to get it in order before I try to scrap anything.

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  1. I hope today goes better for you!!! That dinner sounds delicious!! lol