Saturday, May 30, 2009

Made it home today

We are back home today. Very tired we were missing our cats and our own bed so we cut our trip short and headed back home. We were in Phillips car which sits low to the ground which isn't the best to take out in the desert. We plan to go back next year when we get a Truck and go and see things that we didn't get to see this year. I

It was a great vacation though.

But it made me think about how much I miss my sis Christine. I could not share with her the things I seen or anything. I miss her so badly it is so not fair. I know I have my kids and phillip but it is not the same as having my sister back. So for me if you have a sis or a bro tell them how much they mean to you. My mother died several years ago so I don't have her to turn to either about anything. I just feel so lost at the moment but I will be okay life has to go on.....

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  1. I'm so glad you had fun and had a safe trip home! I know we're not Christine but you can share with us anytime! :)